Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Lord Hanuman is a much beloved god who is a Ansha avatar of Lord Shiva. He is a living god,blessed to be a chiranjeevin-one who lives an exceptionally long life by Lord Rama.This does not mean that he is immortal. At the end of the kalyuga, he will move to be a part of the lords creation.

I recently visited Anjaneya, the birthplace of Lord Hanumana , near Nasik in Maharashtra. On the road to Triyambakeshwar lies the Anjaneri Parvat,where folklore says Pavan Putra was born in a cave. Lord Hanumana eptitomises the essential spirit of the human race ,of optimism and the eternal truth of ,"Aham Bhramasme" ie the Universe is within me,I have to but grasp it to gain all the world has to offer. Being the son of the god Pavan, he is present everywhere,willing to encourage and motivate his devotees and to protect them in times of adversity.One needs to just think of him anywhere and he is sure to address a devotees problems, with the caveat being a pure mind and noble intentions.

His life itself is an inspiration to many-of the limitless potential that is inherent in all of us,but which needs to come out and blossom in the guidance of a kindered soul-be it a guru, parents,friends or spouse.

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