Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The modern world &lack of Santushti

In the modern world we have a very consumerist mindset which is different from the days of our childhood and infinitely different from that of our parents who lived a life of frugality.
We have a great need to acquire objects, gain experiences and do a lot more before we touch our mid thirties. Not many of us understand that life is also a part of nature and gains and losses have to be balanced...one cannot replace ill health by money and neither can one replace a broken family with a jet setting career. One needs to look at what one needs as a family ...in terms of life goals; lifestyle; money with a differentiation of must haves &good to have.
Some time tested benchmarks are in a Hindi saying-Pratham Sukh –Nirogi Kaaya, Duja Sukh -Laxmi Ki Maya .In the current scenario, one needs to enjoy the simple things of life  and thank god for it...for so many do not have what you have. We are so caught up in the next holiday, car and assorted baubles that we focus on too many goals resulting in making a mismatch on a grand scale.
Across religious beliefs, we have been taught to thank god for the necessities of life-food, clothing and shelter, yet how many of us do that?  We need to be happy with what we have and enjoy it even as we strive to increase our drivers for success.

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