Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life and its values

Life in the modern world  is a microcosm of the universe where one sees high's and low's in all spheres of life , making it even more true to the old adage that times change ,but core values do not. Some values epotomised in our cultures are:

  • Living within our means: In today's world of instant gratification,one is often attracted by personal loans,EMI's and credit cards to purchase goodies which we enjoy but repent in leisure when we have to repay the loans.A more nuanced strategy is to save money every month( 10%-50%)and salting it away so that when one needs it because of an emergency etc,one can tap into the hidden source of monetary strength .
  • Understanding Risk in its most basic form: One needs to understand that the world is full of inherent changes,so one should not put too much in store for the baubles that attract.A high paying job may go any time,but money saved and a low debt is sure to make things easier.As a matter of principle ,other than for a home ,one should not take mortgages for anything-car,holiday's,electronics etc.It makes sense to take one for a house because for a small contribution up to 85% of the cost of the house is paid for by the lender,who also does a due diligence of the property before giving a loan,reducing  the chances of a fraud. Many of us had read the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper in our kindergarden...and have conveniently forgotten it,often taking help from parents-emotionally and financially  when our indulgences catch up with us.One wonders if the next generation will have it as good as us!!
  • Simple Pleasures: One should value everything the Almighty has bestowed on us and not bemoan what we do not have. The simple pleasures of life are the best-the cool breeze,the taste of the food that one eats,the essential joy of sharing a good laugh with a friend ,wife,family or child -these are things that one should value and not some thing like-his car is bigger than mine.We should be grateful to God for what he has given us and not bemoan him for what he has not given us.Often he passes us through fire in our life to temper us and convert us from pig iron to finely honed steel as we have some inherent weaknesses which only the heat of actual experiences can remove.
  • Conditioning : The mind is a flexible tool that thinks the way we condition it to. Understanding that tough times do not last for ever is as important as understanding that this if one looks as Hindu philosophy is probably preordained. I have had drastic changes in my life and have come out of them by following one principle-that of looking ahead at life and not looking at what is now history.
More on this later...

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